follow It's been designed as compensation for water expansion in closed systems of central heating, ie devices for air conditioning and solar systems working temperature up to 90 ° C and operating pressure up to 2.5 bar. Construction is derived for wall, made of high quality materials and was provided with a water supply valve and pumping air from the outside is protected by double-coated, protected by enamel paint and varnish.

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forex trading articles ADVANTAGES OF USING MEMBRANE SEALED CONTAINERS ARE MULTIPLE: water from the installation does not come into contact with air, which prevents the absorption oxygen from the air which causes corrosion of the boiler and the entire installation, prevented the evaporation of water, and not require frequent refilling with fresh water, provides overpressure in the installation, which allows you to work and the temperature is higher than 90 ° C without danger of boiling boiler, container is located in the boiler room or any space available so connection is simple, and thus is prevented from freezing of water and isolating the vessel is not required, which significantly reduces the cost of the product and installation, there is a possibility of replacing torn membrane which is home production The production program includes the expansion vessel following sizes: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 80 liters.

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